Destination Highlands Nordic

This family-run resort was established by Larry Sinclair and his family in 1992. It’s known for its beautiful views of Georgian Bay, well-groomed trails and high quality services. There’s something for everyone here.

Larry's Glacier 2Larry’s Glacier is a favourite rest spot for many Trakker members. Most of the trails pass this junction. Located at the top of a good climb, it offers a place to drop off extra layers if you’re too warm. Don’t forget to pick them up again for the breezy run back down to the lodge!

Hill descent 3The well-equipped ski shop caters to all ages and levels of skiers. According to Bruce, when you shop there, you are usually dealing with a member of the Sinclair family because so many work at the resort. “The last time I bought skis, I explained that I wanted a ‘softer’ camber because I actually like more grip while climbing. It was an unusual request, but he gave me exactly what I wanted. Also, they did a great job of fitting Linda with new boots this year.”

If you want to learn or practice hill climbing and descending, this is a great place to do it. The teaching hill is wide and smooth with plenty of room for lessons.

Teaching hillThis is a large facility with a number of separate spaces for groups to gather, socialize and store their gear. “What appeals to me is that as a Club, we usually get our own room, away from the hub-bub in the rest of the building” says Bruce.

And if the 24 kms of ski trails and 7 kms of snowshoe routes are not enough for you, there’s a separate toboggan hill for some good old-fashioned fun.  tobogganSomething for everyone indeed!