Destination Horseshoe

Of all our regular destinations, Horseshoe is the most expansive.

Three distinct groups of trails are spread out across the Copeland Forest. Some members have discovered the out of the way collection of South trails across Horseshoe Valley Road from the Nordic Chalet. Here, you’ll find very few skiers even on the busiest days. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of some dog sledding tours near the farm loop.

Dog Sledding at HorseshoeThere are plenty of lovely flat runs perfectly suited for beginners (yellow labelled trails). People who just want to glide along enjoying nature may choose the blue trails.  Separate snowshoe trails lead to a pretty lookout.

If you think that means there’s nothing much for the ambitious skier, think again. The red expert trails have plenty of fun hills with enticing names like Heart Attack Hill, and Achey Breaky and Terry’s Test. Check out this video of a group of skiers heading down the long hill at Craiger’s Corner.