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Help Plan Trakkers Parties

Trakkers is looking for a new Social Coordinator to help plan social events.  We interviewed our current Social Coordinator, Michelle to find out more about this opportunity.

Past Social EventWhat are some responsibilities of this role?
The Social Coordinator role is all about planning parties!  Throughout the ski season Trakkers has three main events to plan:
Open House – The open house is a chance for members and the interested public to come out, socialize,  and sign up for the upcoming ski season
Wine and Cheese – This event is yet another opportunity for members to connect and socialize while out on trip. Ending your ski day with a simple afternoon cocktail party is nice bonus. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and catch up with old friends.
Year End Dinner – And lastly the dinner provides members a chance to close out the season while enjoying some delicious food.
All events are successful because of the teamwork that goes into the planning and execution. The Board members offer amazing support and assistance and there is a great group of volunteers that pitch in as well.

What have you gained from having the role?
As a new member of Trakkers and a new resident of Toronto, this position was an excellent way to expand my network in the city. Having met like-minded people that were interested in XC skiing and other outdoor activities was a huge win for me!

Please describe something you enjoyed about being on the Executive.
Since I’m a big fan of activity and spending time outdoors, participating in a club that creates opportunity for people to step outside the city and connect with nature was a rewarding experience. I think what I enjoyed the most was being an advocate for Trakkers and it felt good to contribute my time to an organization that I felt a strong connection to. That feeling is sometimes hard to find in my day job so I was glad to have found it with Trakkers!

If someone is interested, who should they contact?
If you are interested in the social coordinator position please contact Jen by email at

March President’s Broadcast

Hello Trakkers,

Our ski season is officially a wrap — but we have one more fun event before the club goes into hibernation over the summer: see details below for the April 1 Annual General Meeting / Year-End Dinner. We’re also still looking for a dedicated volunteer for the club’s Social Events Coordinator position for next year’s board.

Come Out for the Annual General Meeting on April 1….

All members are invited the Annual General Meeting:

Friday, April 1, 2016, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Swansea Town Hall
95 Lavinia Avenue

This is an important meeting to support the club’s overall governance — and it’s also one final opportunity for us to get together and socialize at the end of the season! (We also hear that Steve Favell will be ladling out a batch of his world-famous punch!)

Operational and financial reports for the 2015-16 ski season will be presented, we’ll elect the board for next year, and we’ll also take time to present some awards! Agenda and proposed board slate are available in the Club Operations section of the web site. (Simply log in to your member account and click on the Club Operations link on the left-hand menu, below My Account.)

If you wish to nominate yourself for a position on the Trakkers Board of Directors, please complete the Nominations and Consent Form and submit to

If you can’t come to the AGM, but want to have someone vote in your stead, please complete the Proxy Form and provide to the person charged with voting on your behalf, to present at the AGM.

Any questions with respect to the AGM can be directed to

…. And Stay for the Year-End Dinner!

After the AGM, we’ll celebrate with a lovely catered dinner by La Brehandaise Catering, with lots of opportunity for socializing.

Tickets ($50) can be purchased online through your member account. We still have quite a few tickets left so please feel free to bring a guest! Tickets are still on sale until Thursday, March 24.

Simply log in to your member account to reserve your ticket and pay online — just like booking a spot on a Sunday trip! Check out the yummy menu here.

Like Throwing a Good Party? — We Could Use Your Help!

Trakkers is still searching for a volunteer Social Events Coordinator for next year’s board of directors.

This position involves overseeing coordination for the club’s 3 main social events during the ski season (open house in November, wine-and-cheese in January, and year-end dinner in March), as well as a few off-season events (pub night in early fall). Participation is also required at Trakkers’ monthly board meetings (September through April). Average time commitment is approx. 6 hours per month.

Trakkers has a very dedicated crew of volunteers who help out with the actual running of the events, so this is largely an organizational and volunteer coordination role.

If you’re interested in this volunteer position, please contact us at

Send Us Your Ideas for Weekend Trips!

If you were on our final bus to Arrowhead on March 6, you may have met Henry Furlott, who is our incoming Weekend Trips Coordinator for next year, and who distributed a survey to members to support planning for our weekend trips next season.

If you didn’t get a chance to fill in a survey, but have thoughts about possible destinations or what’s most appealing (or not) for our trips, please send Henry a note at

Finally — Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winners!

We had a great response to our photo contest this season, with 38 photos submitted by our in-club artistes! Winning photos for each week are on our web site.

Congratulations to all our winners:

  • Han Zhang
  • Natalia Vorsyna
  • Steve Favell
  • Celeste Koon
  • Mary-Jane Owen
  • Lesley Stevens

Thanks again to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) for sponsoring the contest and providing such great prizes!

Keep on trakkin’!

Jen Liptrot
Volunteer President
Trakkers Cross-Country Ski Club — LOVE Winter!

Destination Georgian Nordic

Northern Landscape

Located just off Highway 400 south of Parry Sound, Georgian Nordic’s granite outcroppings and mostly coniferous forest remind visitors that they are entering Northern Ontario. The terrain is dotted with small hills and pretty little streams. Great for photos!


Club Atmosphere
Some of the resorts we visit have a definite commercial style with a range of tempting services and products to spend your money on. Not here! Instead, visitors are welcomed into a comfortable, volunteer-driven enterprise which operates as a mountain biking and canoe club when there is no skiing. The roomy chalet is warmed by a wood stove and while there is no formal food service, you may find muffins and cookies available (leave your money in the box) and you can help yourself to the kettle and microwave.

Animal Theme
All the trails have animal names like Otter, Rabbit, Beaver and Cottontail. The chalet is called “Borrow”. Trail details can be found here.

Goergian trails

We are watching the weather and keeping our fingers crossed for a spring skiing trip to this special destination.