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Will cross-country skiing be the canary in a coal mine for global warming?

Is it just me, or was that a really short cross-country season we just had?

Next year’s will be even shorter. The effect of global warming on winter sports including cross-country skiing has been discussed by many, including Bill McKibben, who started

Trump’s recent decision to pull the US out of the Paris accord has spurred other government officials, business leaders and ordinary people to vow to do more to protect the environment.

Although cross-country skiing has fewer environmental costs than other past times – no ski lifts needed, skis can be used for a couple of decades – there is the issue of the travel that is needed to get to where the snow is, which will surely increase with global warming.

Can we further reduce our impact on the environment? What about using transportation that uses clean energy — like the electric buses being piloted in Montreal? This is an amazing initiative.

In the meantime, check out


Skiers are made in the summer! [or, off-season training for cross-country skiers]

Spring is here and summer is upon us!

Like some of you, I’ve been wondering how to stay active without snow on the ground. If you google “off-season training for cross-country skiers”, here are some of the websites that pop up. Some are clearly geared towards competitive skiing but there are some good ideas to take away.   I might try some of the strength training exercises in the fall to get ready for the ski season, but for spring and summer, I decided to try a hiking club to stay active and to socialize with like-minded people.

1) General principles

Click to access trainingphilosophy.pdf


2) A specific training schedule


3) Drills and strength training

A) Indoor strength training:

B) Outdoor drills -see especially tire dragging, which looks kind of fun:


4) Cross-training:

A) Roller skiing

I’ve seen a few people out on the Martin Goodman trail- it looks like a lot of fun!

B) Nordic pole walking?

Apparently it’s been popular in Finland for decades. Here in Toronto it seems to be geared towards older folks – even the Toronto Public library organizes groups.

C) Hiking

This seems to be a popular choice in the off-season. There are tons of hiking groups in Toronto. This is the club that I joined


Happy healthy summer to all!