Skiers are made in the summer! [or, off-season training for cross-country skiers]

Spring is here and summer is upon us!

Like some of you, I’ve been wondering how to stay active without snow on the ground. If you google “off-season training for cross-country skiers”, here are some of the websites that pop up. Some are clearly geared towards competitive skiing but there are some good ideas to take away.   I might try some of the strength training exercises in the fall to get ready for the ski season, but for spring and summer, I decided to try a hiking club to stay active and to socialize with like-minded people.

1) General principles

Click to access trainingphilosophy.pdf


2) A specific training schedule


3) Drills and strength training

A) Indoor strength training:

B) Outdoor drills -see especially tire dragging, which looks kind of fun:


4) Cross-training:

A) Roller skiing

I’ve seen a few people out on the Martin Goodman trail- it looks like a lot of fun!

B) Nordic pole walking?

Apparently it’s been popular in Finland for decades. Here in Toronto it seems to be geared towards older folks – even the Toronto Public library organizes groups.

C) Hiking

This seems to be a popular choice in the off-season. There are tons of hiking groups in Toronto. This is the club that I joined


Happy healthy summer to all!