Will cross-country skiing be the canary in a coal mine for global warming?

Is it just me, or was that a really short cross-country season we just had?

Next year’s will be even shorter. The effect of global warming on winter sports including cross-country skiing has been discussed by many, including Bill McKibben, who started 350.org



Trump’s recent decision to pull the US out of the Paris accord has spurred other government officials, business leaders and ordinary people to vow to do more to protect the environment.

Although cross-country skiing has fewer environmental costs than other past times – no ski lifts needed, skis can be used for a couple of decades – there is the issue of the travel that is needed to get to where the snow is, which will surely increase with global warming.

Can we further reduce our impact on the environment? What about using transportation that uses clean energy — like the electric buses being piloted in Montreal? This is an amazing initiative.


In the meantime, check out  https://350.org