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Two poles or one?

A non-issue for skiers, but a subject of debate for hikers – are two trekking poles better than one?

Two are better – for balance, to work both sides of your body evenly

One is better – so you have a free hand to grab a hold or pull out your map

and sometimes none is better – so you don’t forget how to naturally balance or use proprioception.

This is the best I’ve read about the topic:

I decided to get two poles since you can always buy two and use one but you can’t buy one and use two…Plus the ones I chose were sold as a pair. They work brilliantly on downhills.  But going over fences and similar types of obstacles, having a free hand does come in handy. The pair I bought folds into 3 so it’s easy enough to stash in or onto your backpack until needed, or lend to someone in your hiking group.