Top 10 reasons to try cross country skiing this year

10.  An excuse to shop (for new gear).

9. Look stylish without risk of helmet head.

8. It’s easy.

You can get started with a single lesson. Trakkers offers ski classes on Sunday trips. After one hour, you’ll feel confident enough to get on the trails.

7. It’s safe.

It’s very hard to injure yourself. It’s low impact and you can ski as slow and on as flat terrain as you want.

6. There are no queues.

5. It’s inexpensive.

$6- $20 for an all day trail pass, and $15-$25 to rent gear.

4. Equipment lasts for years.

If you decide to buy, Xc ski equipment can easily last decades. If you spend $400, this translates to $20 per year or less.

3. It’s an amazing workout.

Low impact, strength training, superb cardiovascular, a bit of flexibility and balance all rolled into one.

2,  Eat more.

With all the calories you’re burning, you can afford to slip in a few more snacks (without guilt).

1. Clear your head.

A great excuse to get out of the city— there’s nothing like the calm and peacefulness of being out in the woods, surrounded by snow covered trees, the sound of nothing, and the exhilaration of fresh chill air.

Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds!


Don’t forget to come out to Trakkers’s Open House on Friday November 17th, 2017 @ Swansea Town Hall, Bloor West Village —

7PM – 9 PM, 95 Lavinia Avenue

See you on the trails.