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Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse


I was looking at the weather (some snow is coming)

and I came across this mention of a super blue blood moon eclipse that you can catch tomorrow morning around 7ish. So FYI.

Wondering if it’s going to snow?

There’s an app for that.The Last Weather App.jpg.png



This one is fun and customizable:

Last but not least – Blackberry!

I’m probably one of the last hold-outs for BB.  Still sad about its demise.

Best weather apps for BB (yes, this link is from 2014).

Blackberry 10 came loaded with Blackberry Weather powered by Accuweather — and it still works!  You can still purchase BeWeather Pro on Blackberry World for $3.99, but none of the other apps described in the link above are functional or available anymore.

However, the Last Weather App (shown above) is now called Swear by Weather and you can still download it for free. It’s fun but rated PG.

See you on the trails!