Cross-country ski lessons with Trakkers

Last Sunday I took an intermediate xc ski lesson with Hilary and here’s what we learned:


That’s in front of a warming hut at Wasaga Nordic.

Seriously, the lesson was really helpful. I’ve done a few lessons with Trakkers since joining last year and I always learn something new.

If you’ve never been on xc skis before, here’s a great intro to the basics that is on Trakkers’ website. There are lessons offered on every Sunday trip with Trakkers although what levels are being offered is variable from week to week.

If you’re not sure what level to sign up for, here’s how they are defined:

Beginners (Classic)

Absolute Beginners:
You have never skied before or have not skied for at least 20 years.

(that was me last year)

Experienced Beginners:
You are comfortable on your skis, can glide, herringbone up and snowplow down a very gentle hill, or are new to cross country skiing but have downhill skiing experience.

Intermediate (Classic)

You can transfer weight, glide, herringbone up and snowplow down a moderate hill, but want more skill and confidence.


There are also usually lessons for skate skiing and sometimes for children.

For next Sunday’s trip Absolute Beginners, Children, Beginner Hills and Intermediate Skate lessons are offered. If you’re wondering what will be covered in the lessons, that’s outlined here.

Probably the most useful thing I have learned is how to bomb down a hill on xc skis without falling flat on my face:  bend your knees slightly and extend your arms forward as if you’re holding a tray.  Hilary reminded us that it’s the arms that give you balance and not to lean forward; stay in a neutral stance.  Amazingly, if you do all of this and you trust that it will work, you’ll be able to make it down the steepest incline in one piece.

Forecast for next Sunday  — sunny but a bit chilly so bundle up!

** Don’t forget to register before 9 pm tonight!

See you on the trails.