Canada at previous cross-country ski Olympic events


Alex Harvey is poised to become the first Canadian male to medal in cross-country skiing at the Olympics.

Canada’s previous cross-country ski medals at the Oympics have been won by 3 females: Beckie Scott who initially was awarded bronze, then silver and eventually gold in Salt Lake City 2002 after Russian doping was discovered and after a long court battle,  followed by silver with team mate Sara Renner at Torino 2006, and Chandra Crawford who surprised everyone by taking gold in the sprint as a rookie in Torino 2006.

At the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the Canadian men’s cross-country ski team just missed medalling for the team sprint team, placing forth. Here’s how the Canadian men’s team did overall in 2010.

The Canadian cross-country ski men’s and women’s team didn’t do so well at Sochi 2014 where the best place finish was 11th.

But you know, there’s winning and then there are these amazing acts of sportsmanship like Sara Renner being helped by Norway’s coach in 2006 and Canada showing the same at Sochi.