Mini Vacations All Winter Long

By Gillian Kranias (Trakkers member since Dec 2018)

I keep checking the website, almost every day, in anticipation of seeing this winter’s Sunday trips begin. Summer vacations are over. Yes, fall is a beautiful season. But I am yearning for the mini vacations I can now get any Sunday in winter!

We joined Trakkers last year. It was all that I thought it could be … and more:

More long days outside….


More quiet trails to enjoy, at resorts I had never known of….


More friends who love the outdoors….

Morning ski lessons, free for members and our guests….

And more time with our feet up after a good day’s skiing – because Trakkers’ leadership always knew where to enjoy the best skiing (even when snow conditions looked poor or non-existent from Toronto).

As November finally arrives, and with Trakkers annual fall open house this evening, I will reminisce and dream with others who may be as hungry for snow and skiing as I am!