[Newsletter] Trakkers Broadcast – January/February 2021

Hello Trakkers!

Hopefully you are keeping happy and healthy! While we are not operating any club activities this season, we are keeping active on our blog and social media.

Here’s what’s been happening on the Trakkers blog:

Please note that whenever heading out, check websites regularly to ensure that you are up to date on and following COVID-19 protocols, including physical distancing and wearing face coverings.

A tour of Trakkers Trails for safe, physically distanced fun

With no bus this year, some of you might be looking to make your own way up to the trails. But, one of the benefits of the bus is that you really did not have to know where we were going. Trakkers took care of it. So, maybe you are wondering how you can get to those trails by yourself? If so, here is a guide. Read more….

Places to Ski and Snowshoe

I’m going to add a few less likely places to ski.  These are all non-commercial ski areas with limited or no facilities.  And that means limited or no trail fees.  You are unlikely to meet many people on these trails which, in these strange times, can be considered an added bonus rather than a problem. Read more…

Virtual Canadian Loppets

Looking for a challenge this winter? Consider participating in a virtual loppet. Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of our favourite loppets have gone virtual. Here’s what the Canadian Ski Marathon, the Canadian Birkie and the Gatineau Loppet are doing this winter. Read more…

Unable to ski? Try skating!

In December, my partner and I booked a getaway to spend a few days in Tiny Township. We were really looking forward to getting back on our skate skis. After the lockdown was announced, our plans were blown to smithereens, but what can one day do?? So we decided to go… skating! Local, free, and fun! Read more…

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