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Strong Body. Strong Trakker. | Cross-training


Are you a runner? A cyclist?  Read about the benefits of cross training with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the winter months.

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For runners:

Cross-country skiing: The ultimate winter cross-training (Canadian Running)

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For cyclists:

Cross Training and Cross-Country Skiing (Hunter Allen Power Blog)

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Destination Horseshoe

Of all our regular destinations, Horseshoe is the most expansive.

Three distinct groups of trails are spread out across the Copeland Forest. Some members have discovered the out of the way collection of South trails across Horseshoe Valley Road from the Nordic Chalet. Here, you’ll find very few skiers even on the busiest days. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of some dog sledding tours near the farm loop.

Dog Sledding at HorseshoeThere are plenty of lovely flat runs perfectly suited for beginners (yellow labelled trails). People who just want to glide along enjoying nature may choose the blue trails.  Separate snowshoe trails lead to a pretty lookout.

If you think that means there’s nothing much for the ambitious skier, think again. The red expert trails have plenty of fun hills with enticing names like Heart Attack Hill, and Achey Breaky and Terry’s Test. Check out this video of a group of skiers heading down the long hill at Craiger’s Corner.


Destination Highlands Nordic

This family-run resort was established by Larry Sinclair and his family in 1992. It’s known for its beautiful views of Georgian Bay, well-groomed trails and high quality services. There’s something for everyone here.

Larry's Glacier 2Larry’s Glacier is a favourite rest spot for many Trakker members. Most of the trails pass this junction. Located at the top of a good climb, it offers a place to drop off extra layers if you’re too warm. Don’t forget to pick them up again for the breezy run back down to the lodge!

Hill descent 3The well-equipped ski shop caters to all ages and levels of skiers. According to Bruce, when you shop there, you are usually dealing with a member of the Sinclair family because so many work at the resort. “The last time I bought skis, I explained that I wanted a ‘softer’ camber because I actually like more grip while climbing. It was an unusual request, but he gave me exactly what I wanted. Also, they did a great job of fitting Linda with new boots this year.”

If you want to learn or practice hill climbing and descending, this is a great place to do it. The teaching hill is wide and smooth with plenty of room for lessons.

Teaching hillThis is a large facility with a number of separate spaces for groups to gather, socialize and store their gear. “What appeals to me is that as a Club, we usually get our own room, away from the hub-bub in the rest of the building” says Bruce.

And if the 24 kms of ski trails and 7 kms of snowshoe routes are not enough for you, there’s a separate toboggan hill for some good old-fashioned fun.  tobogganSomething for everyone indeed!