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It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

As we head into this evening’s AGM and year-end social — and with Highlands Nordic reopening their orange trail for skiing this weekend (no, the club isn’t going) — one more post to reflect back on a fantastic (and long season).

This guest travel blog comes from John Webb, who took part in the Val David trip led by the Bruce Trail Club, along with a number of Trakkers members in March:

With promises of 20 cms of new snow at our destination, it was to be a long-weekend trip, so the departure from York Mills was rather early, but that allowed an extra afternoon of activity at the destination. The forecast was correct and new snow and newly tracked trails greeted us at our two interconnected destinations, Chalet Anne-Piche and Chalet Far Hills.  Our accommodation was at the Auberge du Vieux Foyer which was located directly on the trail system.

During our next two and a half days on the trails, it was quickly obvious that the Quebec grading of Green, Blue and Black was one notch more challenging than similar grading in Ontario, for both ski and snow shoe trails.  But with the new snow every night, it was quite manageable and exhilarating. Perhaps not surprisingly, snow shoeing was the preferred activity for the majority of the Bruce Trail club members, and they were guided through some interesting walks throughout the more than 30 kms of trails available.  

The Auberge was perfectly equipped to meet the needs of hungry and exhausted guests.  A hot tub or swim, followed by a four course meal restored the body, and yoga was available before breakfast every morning.

Many thanks to our executive for arranging this joint club event.  For long-time Trakkers, it was a return to a regular destination from the 1980’s.  Sadly, the Hotel Far Hills has closed, shortly to become a time-share condo. But the memories of spending those late afternoon sipping B-52’s in the bar while gazing through the picture window at the sun setting on the Laurentian hills remain.




Skiing History | Cross-Country Skiing: From Its Origins to Today’s Popularity


The Canadian Encyclopedia looks at the origins of cross-country skiing in Canada and how it has become such a popular form of recreation and exercise today.

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Help Plan Trakkers Parties

Trakkers is looking for a new Social Coordinator to help plan social events.  We interviewed our current Social Coordinator, Michelle to find out more about this opportunity.

Past Social EventWhat are some responsibilities of this role?
The Social Coordinator role is all about planning parties!  Throughout the ski season Trakkers has three main events to plan:
Open House – The open house is a chance for members and the interested public to come out, socialize,  and sign up for the upcoming ski season
Wine and Cheese – This event is yet another opportunity for members to connect and socialize while out on trip. Ending your ski day with a simple afternoon cocktail party is nice bonus. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and catch up with old friends.
Year End Dinner – And lastly the dinner provides members a chance to close out the season while enjoying some delicious food.
All events are successful because of the teamwork that goes into the planning and execution. The Board members offer amazing support and assistance and there is a great group of volunteers that pitch in as well.

What have you gained from having the role?
As a new member of Trakkers and a new resident of Toronto, this position was an excellent way to expand my network in the city. Having met like-minded people that were interested in XC skiing and other outdoor activities was a huge win for me!

Please describe something you enjoyed about being on the Executive.
Since I’m a big fan of activity and spending time outdoors, participating in a club that creates opportunity for people to step outside the city and connect with nature was a rewarding experience. I think what I enjoyed the most was being an advocate for Trakkers and it felt good to contribute my time to an organization that I felt a strong connection to. That feeling is sometimes hard to find in my day job so I was glad to have found it with Trakkers!

If someone is interested, who should they contact?
If you are interested in the social coordinator position please contact Jen by email at

Trakkers’ Summer Fun — Spokes and Spigots Bike Tour

Looking for a little adventure and exercise this summer with fellow Trakkers? Then why not join Jim and Jannette on Saturday, July 18* for a day cycling trip in the Niagara wine region.

Starting from Niagara Falls Via train station at 11:25 a.m., this moderately-paced bike tour will visit 3 (or 4 depending on the group) wineries**, including a stop for a picnic lunch before returning to Niagara Falls for 7:00 p.m. This tour is mainly on paved secondary roads and includes a longish uphill slope (this can be walked if need be), so all that is required is any multi-speed bicycle (road, touring, mountain, or hybrid style) in good working order, a bike helmet, bike lock, and a pannier or backpack for your food and drink, and for anything that you may buy along the way. A water bottle and sunscreen are highly recommended.

Haven’t cycled in a while? No problem. Given our moderate pace and the relatively short distance between the wineries, as well as other rest stops, you do not have to be an Olympic-class athlete to get the most out of the day.

Don’t have a car to get to Niagara Falls? No worries. This tour is timed to coincide with GO Transit’s Bike Train schedule. The train has two special coaches with bike racks in the lower level, leaving Toronto’s Union Station at 9:00 a.m. and departing Niagara Falls at 7:20 p.m. For full details of times of train departure and arrival, as well as the station stops***, see the schedule and for the cost of the return train fare, see GO Transit’s fare calculator.

What other costs are involved? There is $10 registration fee payable in advance before July 6th for the bicycle tour itself, but if you participate in the tour, that fee is fully refunded to you. And, of course, if you want to indulge in any winery tours or tastings, each winery levies its own charge.

There are fourteen (14) spots currently available. If you are interested in this trip and would like to join us, please Jim and Jannette at or phone us at 416-921-7737. We look forward to spending an enjoyable day out in the fresh air with you.

Jim & Jannette

Important Notes:
* In case of a heavy rain forecast for Saturday, our alternate is Saturday, July 25th.

** Some wineries on route:
The Ice House Winery, Lailey Vineyard Wines Inc., Marynissen Estates, Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

*** Please note that this is a special excursion train, so it does not stop at all stations along its route. If you wish to use a station other than Toronto’s Union Station, please confirm that it is a station serviced by this train.

The Art of Skiing | Spotlight on The Ski Sale at Christie’s

For the last 17 years, as described in a December 22, 2014 press release, Every January, The Ski Sale at Christie’s presents enthusiasts of the world’s foremost winter sport with an extensive selection of vintage posters depicting the action on the slopes and the stunning mountain scenery, capturing an era of glamour.”  Here’s a look at sale totals and favourites from The Ski Sale at Christie’s over the last 5 years. Continue reading