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Blue Spruce Weekend Trip

As always, our weekend trip to Blue Spruce was a big success. Four cottages with fireplaces made for a cozy atmosphere in a winter wonderland. We kicked off the weekend late Friday afternoon with a welcome wine & cheese party. On Saturday night, intoxicated only by nature and the fresh air that surrounded us, we made space for our own dance floor!

Sitting beside the fire while looking out at Oxtongue Lake and the beautiful pine trees, we felt relaxed and totally lazy. With mountains of snow everywhere, the skiing in Algonquin Park was awesome as always. Those in the mood to shop could visit Algonquin Outfitters for deals on the best jackets, sweaters, gloves, boots, skis, canoes, and other outdoor gear. A fantastic weekend was had by all!

Henry Furlott, Weekend Trips

Photos:  Henry Furlott & Hanna Balakier


Woolner Weekend’s a Winner

The Trakkers weekend trip to Wooler Place was a great success and here’s why:

Roomy Yet Cozy
Wooler Place is just down the road from the Highlands Nordic ski chalet with direct access to ski and snowshoe trails. This is a new, very modern facility built to house large groups comfortably.
P1270608Big windows on both sides of the building look out over the quiet, snowy countryside.
“The place is so huge, it didn’t feel like we had 14 -15 people staying there” said Ursula. IMG_0862Uni enjoyed the bright airiness of the house. “It was very light with two kitchens, and comfortable seating downstairs, though one was drawn to the upstairs because of the wonderful wood-burning stove.”
IMG_0853Accommodations for Skiers
“I loved getting up in the morning and having a relaxed breakfast in a large, well-equipped kitchen, then stepping outside to go skiing… no driving!”   said Manny.
Wooler Place has a very spacious entrance area, and there’s plenty of room for coats and extra gear.  It even has ski racks.
IMG_0857More photos and a floor plan can be found here.

Trakkers is in the process of adding to the January 2017 Wooler booking with an additional weekend, possibly a 3-day trip. Watch for these opportunities next year and book early!