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Blue Spruce Weekend Trip

As always, our weekend trip to Blue Spruce was a big success. Four cottages with fireplaces made for a cozy atmosphere in a winter wonderland. We kicked off the weekend late Friday afternoon with a welcome wine & cheese party. On Saturday night, intoxicated only by nature and the fresh air that surrounded us, we made space for our own dance floor!

Sitting beside the fire while looking out at Oxtongue Lake and the beautiful pine trees, we felt relaxed and totally lazy. With mountains of snow everywhere, the skiing in Algonquin Park was awesome as always. Those in the mood to shop could visit Algonquin Outfitters for deals on the best jackets, sweaters, gloves, boots, skis, canoes, and other outdoor gear. A fantastic weekend was had by all!

Henry Furlott, Weekend Trips

Photos:  Henry Furlott & Hanna Balakier

Beautiful Day at Kawartha Nordic

“It’s perfect — sun and snow!”  This comment surprisingly came not from a skier, but from the bus driver as we disembarked under a brilliant sky for the club’s January 29th trip to Kawartha Nordic.

After so many overcast days in a row, we were all glad for a sunny day.  On the trails, the brightness of the day was reflected in the broad smiles of passing skiers, glad for the great ski conditions and low wind. Trakkers also hasn’t been out to Kawartha for some time, and it’s long been a favourite for many in the club.


Although it is a bit longer to get to Kawartha Nordic, I always love going there for the gently undulating trails that take us through the mainly mixed coniferous forest.  Maybe it’s that little extra distance from Toronto that lets people be more friendly, as almost everyone we passed on the trail said hi and some we never met before stopped to talk to us.  To add to the positive experience, Kawartha Nordic this year has added a trailer with women’s and men’s washrooms, accessible from the chalet.

All around, a great day.

Jannette Porter
Trakkers Member

Add a Weekend to Your Trakkers Experience

While Trakkers is best known for its popular Sunday trips, some members have discovered that they can enjoy winter even more with a whole weekend! We asked some veterans of weekend trips offered by the club to tell us what they like most.


Weekenders enjoy cozy cottages.

Relaxing Getaway
Weekend destinations offer skiing and snowshoeing options from the door or very close by. There is no rush to make it to the bus. Skiers return when they want to a crackling fire, a warm meal, and wine with fellow Trakkers. Bogna likes that you can sleep in if you desire and have a cozy breakfast in your pajamas.


Trail near Blue Spruce Resort, Algonquin Park area.

Quiet Winter Beauty
Spending a whole weekend in nature is rejuvenating. “The weekends provide a great opportunity to trade our hectic city lives for the peace and tranquility of the winter forest” says Weekend Trips Coordinator Barb.  Some trips provide the opportunity to explore more remote surroundings than those offered on Sunday trip destinations.

According to Henry, there’s lots more to do than just skiing or snowshoeing. Skating across the lake, saunas, hot tubs, and indoor games are offered by the different weekend destinations. One of last year’s highlights was an evening skate on the torch-lit ice trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park.

“The only disappointing part of the weekend is that it goes by too fast” says Mark.

For details about 2016 trip destinations and dates, check out the Sunday Trips web page. Get more information and sign-up at the Trakkers Open House on Friday November 20.